Writing a grant proposal for general operating support

Moreover, a standard practice in approaching funders for program grants is to ask for an additional percentage just for overhead expenses. In human services, emergency management, and environmental nonprofits for example, needs can change on a dime. The grants free them to focus on running and improving their programs.

Experts from The Bridgespan Group and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations recommend the following practices to get such grants: This type of funding generally assists with the cost of doing business and helps with everything from the office lease to the purchase of equipment and services.

What organizations spend on overhead is a critical measure of how well that organization deals with finances and how well it supports its own cause.

Foundations Don’t Fund General Operating Costs – Or Do They?

Benefits of Operating Support Grants Grants for general operating support liberates nonprofits from the enormous amount of time usually spent on raising funds and reporting back to funders.

But the staff needs to get paid, the computers need to be maintained, and a whole host of non-program needs exist that can only be supported by grants without strings attached.

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Why Some Donors Avoid Operating Support Grants The Center for Effective Philanthropy found that foundations view operational support positively, but still provide more program-based funding because of a number of restraints.

Another reason they tend to give more program money is due to board pressures and concerns about how independent a nonprofit can be if it gets so much of its operational expenses from one funder. Operating Support Grants for Nonprofits by Angela Ogunjimi - Updated September 26, General operating support grants, also known as unrestricted grants, are working capital funds given to a nonprofit organization in support of its overall mission and to help with overhead expenses.

Foundations, too, have their missions, and the best way to measure their impact on their desired outcomes is by funneling money with a specific, rather than general, purpose to nonprofit organizations.

Operating Support Grants for Nonprofits

These types of grants also give nonprofits flexibility to respond to emerging community needs. What Unrestricted Grants Cover Nonprofits can use their discretion, subject to the specific terms of the funded grant proposal, when determining where and how to spend general operating support money.

It essentially says that the donor trusts that organization to do whatever it wants to do with that money. Strategies to Get Operating Support A grant that is unrestricted is a vote of confidence by the donor. These reports say that nonprofits consistently underestimate their overhead expenses in grant proposals and IRS reporting, and subsequently to nonprofit rating systems like Charity Navigator.

In general, donors want to see organizations spend as little money as possible on administrative needs and as much money as possible on programs.

But 69 percent of foundations reportedly give general operating grants to nonprofits, though the individual amounts vary widely.

And perhaps most noted by nonprofits, operational supports allows the organizations to be innovative and get creative in their approach to solving problems. They may also use the money to improve their fundraising and marketing infrastructure to better their chances with high-net-worth donors and corporate sponsors.

Competition for general support grants is fierce. Some organizations use unrestricted funds strategically, in much the same way as venture capital, and use the money to grow their staffs, hiring experts in their fields that may have been out of reach on a smaller budget.

It can cover accounting systems, new software, training for staff, and even pay raises and benefits.

According to Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, foundations have begun giving more operating support throughout the s and s, but the pace of the growth has been slowing. Operational support also helps nonprofits build the infrastructure to keep their programs running for the long term.

Most donations are restricted to use for a specific purpose, such as a program that the nonprofit runs.Grant Proposals (or Give me the money!) this handout attempts to provide a general introduction to grant writing across the disciplines.

Although some scholars in the humanities and arts may not have thought about their projects in terms of research design, hypotheses, research questions, or results, reviewers and funding agencies expect. Request for general operating support for direct services to save and create manufacturing jobs and for research and development of economic policies for low- and moderate-income families in New York City.


General Operating Support Grants for Official County Historical Societies. General Instructions Before completing the General Operating Support Grant application, please read the application instructions with care. The sections introduced by Roman numerals in the application instructions correspond to the sections introduced by Roman numerals in the General Operating Support Grant application.

Tagged as: foundation grants, general operating support, how to write a grant proposal { 2 comments read them below or add one } Fana August 19, at am. The Community Foundation’s General Operating Support cycle provides nonprofits with unrestricted funding to achieve their missions. General operating support grants are flexible and allow funds to be used when and where they’re most needed.

Common Grant Application and Grant Application Supplement. Apply Now. Community Foundation for.

Writing a grant proposal for general operating support
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