Why art is important in education essay

Students discover new things while creating art, and they are then able to adapt the new knowledge to daily life. Art Teaching Elementary through Middle School. It teaches us how to interact with one another. This information consists of cues that we get from pictures or three-dimensional objects from digital media, books and television.

People who understand how to interact with others have the ability to have a happy, fulfilling life in careers that may not necessarily require an extensive education. The frightening part is that statistics show that around two thirds of students who are unable to read proficiently by 4th Grade are going to end up either in jail or living on welfare.

There is some truth in both of these responses. In order to learn some things, one needs to experience them firsthand.

Their thought processes develop greatly. As we live in an increasingly diverse society, the images of different groups in the media may also present mixed messages. Developmental Benefits of Art Motor Skills: Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement.

Art classes offer children critical lessons about life that they are not exposed to in any of the other classes.

10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is so Important for Kids

Educated people can enhance their lives through reading, writing, visiting museums, and learning about different cultures. Art allows students to learn about themselves, their culture, and their community. In summary, when a person is educated they are providing themselves with the skills and information necessary to have the happiest and most successful life possible.

Why is Education Important Essay

Habits are formed from trial and error in projects. Real word education teaches us things that none of the information contained in textbooks can offer people.

By taking art classes, students will begin to visualize the world differently. In order to understand these contracts fully, it is important for the individual to be literate so they can read the document for themselves. It teaches us what people expect from us in certain scenarios and how to handle ourselves in an assortment of situations.

With an education, people can become more tolerant of others and develop better self-esteem through their accomplishments. If an individual lacks the ability to read, they have to depend on someone else to explain the document to them. Personal Thoughts Art education is very important in schools and the above literature supports why art education is necessary.

The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life. Another set of the populous believes the best education one can receive is from living life in the real world.

Drawing, sculpting with clay and threading beads on a string all develop visual-spatial skills, which are more important than ever. The ability to read the document affords the individual with the ability to read all of the requirements associated with renting or owning a home, car, or getting health insurance.

Education provides individuals with the knowledge necessary to get a good career, which in turn aids people in living a comfortable life. For very young children, making art—or just talking about it—provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes and actions. The importance of art education can be understood through the habits that the students form.

Everyone should have the ability to read and write. Education, be it in a classroom or out in the real world, is important for everyone. According to the National Institutes of Health, developmental milestones around age three should include drawing a circle and beginning to use safety scissors.

National Art Education Association. Students begin to approach everything creatively and this will even help them in other classes such as English. The ability to read and write is fundamentally important for having a truly fulfilling life. Literature Review Art classes are very influential towards students because they affect students in ways that many other classes cannot.Let us examine why education, in the classroom and the real world, is important to all members of society.

Education, even the most basic education, is essential for everyone for one key reason, literacy. Everyone should have the ability to read and write. The ability to read and write is fundamentally important for having a truly fulfilling life. Essay on The Importance of Art Education - Art education is often underestimated by many who believe that school was created to teach only analytical concepts such as mathematics and literature.

However, research has shown that art courses are important, even necessary for students in elementary, middle, and high schools. Art education began to flourish as the importance of art involvement became known (DeHoyas). Figure 1 represents the answers of 97 people when they were asked whether art education was important in school from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

Essay- The Importance of Art Education

% of. Dr. Kerry Freedman, Head of Art and Design Education at Northern Illinois University says, Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through text and numbers.

Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. 6. Decision Making. Art education is essential for growth and development because children not only express creativity but, they learn important life lessons as well.

Personal Thoughts Art education is very important in schools and the above literature supports why art education is necessary.

Why are the arts important to young children? The role of the visual arts in early childhood education has long been recognised and valued as an essential component of the curriculum.

(Eckhoff, Angela, ) The arts consist of variation of appreciation. The different forms art such as dancing, drawing and painting, performance art, sculpturing and many more.

Why art is important in education essay
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