This is the end

Jonah gently chastises Jay, and Jay punches him in the face. Before leaving, Danny ridicules his friends, and reveals that Jay had been to Los Angeles in recent months, a fact which he concealed from Seth. They all behave badly and selfishly throughout most of the movie.

However, this causes them to slow down and descend, their combined weights being too heavy for the beam of light. As Seth falls, another blue beam appears and he also ascends to Heaven. A giant sculpture of a penis is shown, and some of the giant computer-generated monsters are shown with penises.

The group reaches the basement by digging through the floor and they find the water, but Danny wastes much of it out of spite. At the same time, two old friends learn to talk with each other and renew their failing friendship. A lot or a little? This results in Jay being raptured, but not Seth. Suddenly, the car is t-boned by an armored motor home filled with cannibals, led by Danny.

As the others escape, they realize that Craig was saved because he sacrificed himself and it means there is still hope for them. Emma Watson has a cameo appearance in the film as herself. Danny and his cannibals eat James alive and then chase after Seth and Jay.

Contents [ show ] Plot Jay Baruchel arrives in Los Angeles to visit with old friend and fellow actor Seth Rogen, who invites him to attend a housewarming party hosted by James Franco.

The party that begins the movie has heavy drug and alcohol use, and a porn magazine is briefly shown, as well as some penises on computer-generated monsters. A large crack opens in the earth and many celebrities fall into it and die. The success of the film led to a re-release on September 6, At the raucous party, many celebrities and others drink, take drugs, and have sex.

When Emma Watson shows up later in the movie, the men have a talk about trying not to "rape" her, which comes out badly.

This Is the End

He tells the two that Heaven is a place where any desire comes true. At a convenience store, beams of blue light emerge from the sky and carry away numerous people.

Some humans become cannibals, though no flesh-eating is shown. Sex A porn magazine is briefly shown. The men pass the time by taking many drugs and filming a homemade sequel to the film Pineapple Express, which most of the group had appeared in. All of that said, for older teens and adults, the movie is very funny and has themes of redemption and friendship running underneath the crude, over-the-top stuff.

Later, Emma Watsonwho also survived the party, returns to the house. Since the characters are playing themselves, many of their actual movie titles are mentioned. Stay up to date on new reviews.This Is the End is a marvelously sustained, high-wire goof – a movie so nutty and daring, so crazy and out-there, that it feels like a low-budget independent except with big stars and a sizable budget.

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This Is the End is a American disaster black comedy written, co-produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in their directorial debuts. Starring Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, the film centers on fictionalized versions of themselves facing a global biblical apocalypse.

Description: While attending a party at James Franco's house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse. Find great deals on eBay for This Is The End.

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Survival tactics—learn from their mistakes or check out some. Jun 12,  · Watch video · 6 Los Angeles celebrities are stuck in James Franco's house after a series of devastating events just destroyed the city.

Inside, the group not only will have to face with the apocalypse, but with themselves /10(K).

This is the end
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