Taking a stand essay

A controversial topic is one that people have different opinions about. Ban slaughter houses for horses. Students committing cyber bullying should be expelled from school.

Your paper, however, will be graded primarily, though not exclusively, on the following: This file will consist of two components: Instead, you will receive a single, holistic grade for the entire assignment.

The three-day weekend by law. Using lie detector tests for jobs is a violation of privacy. A 9 PM curfew on everyone under the age of Learning about all world religions in schools.

Death penalty for drug dealers distributing large quantities of drugs. All American citizens should complete a year of community service. Acupuncture is a valid medical technique. Textbooks should be replaced by Notebook computers?

Keeping exotic animals like tigers and giraffes as pets. Audience Your audience for the argumentative essay will be people who are relatively familiar with the issue in question.

In the following article, we have put together a list of argumentative essay topics which can inspire you into taking a stand in something you are passionate about and can make a grounding point too. Your Name Argumentative Essay November 17 or 19 for your final draftFooter—Use a footer at the bottom of each page, with your name on the left and page number on the right.

Stricter pollution regulations on automobiles. Companies advertising in schools.What if you lived in a place where random acts of violence did not only happen often but were commonplace or where just going to a local pizzeria or club could bring you face to face with death via suicide bomber?

What if there was a war going out side your door or the threat of violence and or /5(2). While there’re always multiple ways to organize any kind of essay, the one that’s described in our textbook (pp.

) provides an easy option: introduction, claim, evidence, support, and conclusion. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos A good argumentative essay requires a somewhat balanced use of ethos, pathos, and logos.

Througahout this course, you will write a word, five-paragraph essay in which you “Take a Stand” on an issue; such as Childhood Obesity, Underage Drinking, or Cyber Bullying to name a few suggestions. Mar 31,  · In an essay writing you have to follow some rules or steps.

That is an essay evaluation focus on the structure or outline of the essay. I hope you can get a well idea about the essay outline by approaching the several thesis writing services available in.

Argumentative Essay Topics List

I was faced with some challenges,but now I can take a stand to advocate for somebody else. Summary Every nurse has at some point played the role of an advocate,both for his or her patients andsomebody else because as nurses, every so oftenwe seeourselves advocating for the doctors, and the patients.

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Taking a stand essay
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