Seagate quantum encroachment strategies

And second, we surveyed companies such as DEC who make the highvolume units that I am going to call mid-range computers, to distinguish them from the personal desktop computers you mentioned earlier. The new technology initially imposes little apparent threat because it sells to low-end or new customers, but it eventually encroaches on the current market from the low end upward.

Discipline based - other, Published, A simple substitution model of technological change. First, they wanted to know, just how much data will the disk drive store? Finally, for those specialty devices that we could envision, we had to sort of guess but we Seagate quantum encroachment strategies big capacity levels would be of very little value, at least relative to the way a mainframe user values capacity.

The Growth of Intel and the Learning Curve. In the area of new product development a research pursuit is to examine the degree to which a firm should pursue modular design.

Want to Reduce the Bullwhip? Low-end and high-end encroachment strategies for new product. A new product growth model for consumer durables.

Possible responses to each of the questions are presented in the Teaching Note. As Christensen and Raynorp. There are at least three levels of intensity at which the case can be pursued.

Low-end and high-end encroachment strategies. For example, my research in product innovation investigates what types of innovations are most likely to displace incumbents, and what competencies incumbents need to thwart such displacement and instead continue to grow.

So we can conveniently approximate the relationship with the straight line shown in Figure 1.

Seagate-Quantum: Encroachment Strategies (PDF Download Available)

At the end of the course, the lead author asks the students to rank all the cases typically about ten used in the course on a scale from one to seven seven being best. High-end Encroachment Patterns of New Products. What they wanted was even more capacity in that 8 inch drive.

This gives the students the intuition as to why costs go down over time, and capacity goes up over time, as they are assumed to do for the new product introduced by Seagate. Again per Christensenanother key distinguishing characteristic of a disruptive technology is that product performance changes over time.

The Supplement uses the example of a new, faster Pentium processor to illustrate the case of high-end encroachment. Students should come to class ready to discuss the questions included with the case. How to Position Your Innovation in the Marketplace.

Kellogg School of Management. Practice — refereed, Published, Journal of Product Innovation Management. If the most intensive economic treatment is preferred, the students might be asked to derive pricing and quantities on their own without even the aid of the Case Supplement.

The basic question students face is whether Seagate should introduce the drive, which of course has implications on what Quantum might do in response. But even within any one of these groups, some customers value capacity more than others. However, not everybody is willing to pay the same amount for a given level of capacity.

The Case Supplement also discusses the case of high-end encroachment. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. Production and Operations Management Society Chronicle. Trade Promotions and their Consequences. Quantum is the market leader selling 8-inch disk drives, and Seagate Technologies is contemplating the introduction of a new smaller 5.Jan Albert Van Mieghem Seagate-Quantum: Encroachment Strategies.

Case on product introduction. Kellogg-McDonough 7.

Glen Schmidt

Pizza Pazza. Case on bottlenecks and responsiveness. Kellogg 8. Palu Gear. Case on inventory management and centralization. Van Orden, Joseph, Bo Van der Rhee & Glen Schmidt ().

Encroachment Patterns of the ‘Best Products’ from the Last Decade. Journal of Product Innovation Management. F ew terms in the recent literature on innovation management have been as widely used as the phrase disruptive technology. Yet this term is widely misunderstood.

As Christensen and Raynor (, p. INFORM-ED Best Case Finalist (Encroachment case). Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, INFORM-ED Best Case Finalist (Benihana-A New Look at an Old Classic). Free Essays on Seagate Quantum Encroachment Strategies for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Seagate quantum encroachment strategies
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