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When it comes to increasing seat belt use, individuals, government, and health professionals can help promote safety. Make sure that police and state troopers enforce all seat belt laws.

Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half. Have all children age 12 and under sit properly buckled in the back seat. Prevention What can be done to increase seat belt use among adults?

Require everyone in the car to buckle up, including those in the back seat. Hard Facts about Not Wearing Seat Belts More than half of teens ages and adults ages who died in crashes in were not wearing a seat belt.

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among those aged in the U. The shoulder belt must fit across the shoulder and chest, NOT across the face or neck. Be sure everyone in the vehicle buckles up, too. Check knees and feet. Support seat belt laws with visible police presence and awareness campaigns for the public.

Check the shoulder belt. Air bags plus seat belts provide the greatest protection for adults. Seat belts Seat belts Do you use your seat belt on every ride? Properly buckle children in the middle back seat when possible because it is the Safety seat belts essay spot in the vehicle.

For information on laws in each state, check with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at http: Use a seat belt on every trip, no matter how short.

So be a good example and buckle up for every ride. Fines for not wearing a seat belt that are high enough to be effective. Remember to never place a rear-facing child safety seat in front of an air bag.

Buckling up on every ride is the single most important thing a family can do to stay safe in the car. Here are a few tips to make buckling up a part of every car ride. Seat belt laws that apply to everyone in the car, not just those in the front seat.

This sets a good example. Check the lap belt. Wear seat belts themselves and encourage their colleagues to do the same. As of May32 states did not have a primary enforcement law covering all seating positions. Parents and caregivers can: A secondary enforcement law only allows a police officer to issue a ticket for someone not wearing a seat belt if the driver has been pulled over for some other offense.

Educate the public to make seat belt use a social norm. Be a good example. The Problem How big is the problem of crash-related injuries and deaths to drivers and passengers? These requirements may also vary depending on the age of the passenger. Age Young adults age are less likely to wear seat belts than those in older age groups.

Remind patients about the importance of seat belt use. The adult seat belt usually does not fit well until sometime between the ages of 8 and 12, depending on the size of your child.

Encourage patients to make wearing a seat belt a habit. Consider proven strategies for increasing seat belt use and reducing child motor vehicle injuries and deaths, which include: Her feet should touch the floor for comfort and stability.

Find out if your child is ready for the seat belt alone by doing the Safety Belt Fit Test: We know that when adults wear seat belts, kids wear seat belts. Make sure children are properly buckled up in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt, whichever is appropriate for their age, height, and weight.

Do the Seat Belt Fit Test in every car before permanently moving from the booster seat to seat belt alone.Mar 27,  · Seatbelt Essay. TDA Supervise Children and Young People on Journeys Essay.

Words | 8 Pages. the bus. I sat at the front of the bus and helped the children near me to put on their seatbelts. Although Seat Belts have been shown to provide safety to drivers and passengers who use them, not everyone is a fan of the mandatory seat belt. Once this information is known, strategies for teaching teenagers about the laws of the state with regards to seatbelt use; and the critical importance of wearing seat belts can be developed.

Seat belts

Should the law require automobile drivers and passengers to use safety belts? According to the World Health Organization, more than million individuals die in road accidents in the world each year, while more than 30 million people sustain serious injuries (World Health Organization, ).

(statistic – Orme 29). vRoad safety and the use of seat belts is our responsibility since we all are at risk while on the road. Thesis: This paper will be a simple way of showing just how important it is for us all to start practicing seat belt safety for our own safety.

It was about a.m. when he noticed a utility truck coming right at him.

Seat Belts: Get the Facts

My dad had his seatbelt on, so when the truck hit his diesel tanks, flipping him up in the air one and a half times to land on the passenger side of the truck, the diesel fuel was spraying all over him.

Seat belts keep drivers and passengers from being ejected through windows or doors. This is important because your chances of being killed are five times greater if you are thrown from the vehicle.

Safety seat belts essay
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