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That energy, that brain power, and that know-how can be better channeled elsewhere, in areas of the personalization process that will actually move the needle.

In digital marketing this is usually rules based and influenced by marketing strategy, personas, top revenue performers, and analytics. Collaborative filtering aka "wisdom of the crowd": Ideal for product cross-selling and article suggestions to optimize engagement.

During our presentation, Dr. When do you automate and when are you, the human marketer, an appropriate relevance-bestower, able to successfully implement and fuel a meaningful personalization campaign?

Ideal for locations on digital properties that have large traffic volumes of diverse, harder-to-predict visitor types. For now let me leave you with this quick and dirty glossary that will help you sound like a personalization pro: Even automated personalization needs a human touch.

A great way to put Big Data to use, look-alike modeling pulls data from first-party info-think purchase history or expressed preferences-to create consumer profiles that can be used to market to other users, specifically anonymous or otherwise unknown users.

A method for predicting the interests of a visitor by collecting preference information from many visitors.

He then took it a step further-why even consider a question like that? A machine-learning technique that combines several algorithmic approaches or models an ensemble and makes them compete to determine the best approach.

The process of building and leveraging a progressive profile to deliver a personalized customer experience from one touchpoint to the next.

Devlin proclaimed, to think that human marketers can comprehend those kinds of numbers, let alone understand the motivations and needs of that many individuals. For some in the audience, this could literally be millions upon millions of unique consumers. Do you truly have the capacity to be spot-on with your messages, offers, and product recommendations?

Pattern-matching technology that predicts affinities, such as likelihood to prefer one product category or brand over others based on implicit and explicit visitor actions and behaviors.

Although few organizations have fully embraced automated approaches to personalization, most want to learn and expand. This includes webpages visited, how long he or she stays on page, and the sequence of page interactions and paths the user follows.

Without missing a beat? Watch for a post in the very near future on how and when to get started, sprinkled with a few best practices. A computed logic process to produce a desired outcome. Creating buckets of customers or visitors based on one or more similar characteristics demographics, device type, geo-location, browsed categories, etc.

I tend to agree with Dr. A few months ago I had the privilege of presenting alongside Dr. But my answer is a resounding yes-yes digital marketers need to get on board, and yes they need to get there-fast.

When they reflect on their own optimization maturitythey tell us this over and over.For today's digital business striving to deliver personalized experiencesis likely the key to achieving the type of scale at which successful commercial Web and mobile sites and apps operate.

The Relevance Battle Royale

Royale Business Presentation (RBP) - HYPER MARKETING PLAN 1. Updated as of:Sept. 15, Total number of pages: 56 2. Five Tips to Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective. End Your Presentation with Next Steps. your next PowerPoint business presentation will be more effective because you will provide a structure for your message and deliver it in a way that the audience will understand it.

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Royale Business Presentation Full Presentation Feb Paramaters of Success in the MLM Industry. Right Company, Marketing Plan, Products and the Right Group to .

Royale business presentation slideshare youtube
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