Object oriented technology in software design

OOP in dynamic languages[ edit ] In recent years, object-oriented programming has become especially popular in dynamic programming languages.

Analyze the path of associations and update them if necessary. Algorithm Design The operations in the objects are defined using algorithms. This is an easy way for the same procedures to be used on different sets of data. Object-oriented programming that uses classes is sometimes called class-based programmingwhile prototype-based programming does not typically use classes.

Object-oriented programming

The aim of optimization is to minimize the cost in terms of time, space, and other metrics. Terminology invoking "objects" and "oriented" in the modern sense of object-oriented programming made its first appearance at MIT in the late s and early s.

Through inheritance a subclass can be created as subset of the Button class. Multiple inheritance is allowed in some languages, though this can make resolving overrides complicated.

Bythe Association of Simula Users had members in 23 different countries. Delegation is another language feature that can be used as an alternative to inheritance. These will also be available in class Employee, which might add the variables "position" and "salary".

List of object-oriented programming languages Simula is generally accepted as being the first language with the primary features of an object-oriented language. Data encapsulation led to the important OOP concept of data hiding. Focused on software quality, Eiffel is a purely object-oriented programming language and a notation supporting the entire software lifecycle.

Design pattern computer science Design Patterns: For example, class Employee might inherit from class Person. Gang of Four design patterns[ edit ] Main article: Polymorphism[ edit ] Subtypinga form of polymorphismis when calling code can be agnostic as to whether an object belongs to a parent class or one of its descendants.

Two such languages are Python and Ruby.Object-Oriented Programming & Back-End Development What is object-oriented programming in terms of how a site is built? OOP defines most modern server-side scripting languages, which are the languages back-end developers use to write software and database technology.

Meyer described the Eiffel software development method, based on a small number of key ideas from software engineering and computer science, in Object-Oriented Software Construction.

Essential to the quality focus of Eiffel is Meyer's reliability mechanism, Design by Contract, which is an integral part of both the method and language.

However, object-oriented design is both a language and a set of ideas, so it's helpful to learn about the use cases for each language in order to use the one that best meets your requirements.

Object-oriented Technology in Software Design and Implementation "Object-oriented programming is a method of programming based on hierarchy of classes, and well-defined cooperating objects" (Essays, UK, ). Object-oriented programming is a type of programming language where the developer has to first, plan out the functions and operations to be applied to data structures before writing any code.

After the analysis phase, the conceptual model is developed further into an object-oriented model using object-oriented design (OOD). In OOD, the technology-independent concepts in the analysis model are mapped onto implementing classes, constraints are identified, and interfaces are designed, resulting in a model for the solution domain.

OOAD - Object Oriented Design

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Object oriented technology in software design
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