Maos consolidation of power between 1949 and 1953 essay

Mao wanted the whole nation to fear him enough to refrain from challenging him or his form of government, relying on the executions of people to not only literally eliminate the threat they posed, but also to terrorise the rest of the population into submission. The focus of this essay is to establish whether Mao achieved this goal with his domestic policies.

It was certainly a political murder arranged by Mao. It was aimed to boost the cal, steel and chemical production. This meant that Mao was years ahead other countries in the world, where woman in other countries were still controlled and had no idea of what freedom was.

Over the next decade, during the cultural revolution, China was in Chaos. The major effect of this was that the faith in the Communist party had been damaged. After the cultural revolution, Lin Biao planned to murder Mao Zedong, but before he could achieve this, he died in a mysterious plane crash.

More essays like this: This was to help the economy by opposing issues such as tax evasion and fraud. InMao launched the Organic law which divided China into 6 subdivisions. Labour camps or lao-gais acted as an excellent deterrent and had been proven in several other dictatorships such as Stalins and Hitlers.

Those found guilty of any of the antis were only subjected to labour camps, fines or confiscation of property, but many people committed suicide rather than facing the humiliation an estimated million people. His domestic policies were the tool to accomplish that goal. He did this through public executions.

InMao, after remembering what had weakened the Nationalists during the civil war, Mao created the Three Anti Movement, which targeted waste, inefficiency and corruption.

His second movement was the Agrarian Reform Law. Unlike the first 5 year plan, the great leap forward fell far below its targets and goals.

It is a perfect example of how he used terror and repression to consolidate his power. He handed out the food shortage problem to Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi.

Another common feature of dictatorships that Mao too decided to use was the method of encouraging neighbors and friends to spy on each other and report any suspicious activity or talk to the government. These two examples scared the Chinese population into following communism blindly and repressed anyone with political ideas different to Maos, and is a perfect example of Mao using terror and repression to consolidate his power and control the population.

He did this by numerous reforms, such as those in education and land, installed at the right pace, and these improved the conditions for many people in China which helped gain support for the communists.

Mao’s consolidation of power between 1949 and 1953 Essay Sample

Although this is one of the only examples of Mao trying to gain support to consolidate power rather than ruling by fear, it was very important that people saw an improvement in China. The suppression of counter revolutionaries involved 28, executions.

The effect of the civil war on China was that there was major instability in the Country. Although the courts were originally set up by the party officials, it was the peasants who ran them.

Successes and Failures of Mao’s Domestic Policies Between 1949 and 1976 Essay Sample

Women were allowed to vote, own land, and chose who they wanted to marry, the arranged marriages were banned from China. He had also never admitted being wrong in some of his policies.

The land that had been taken from landlords and given to the peasants was withdrawn from them.Mao in Power – 1. Mao’s rise to power. Mao Consolidation of Power (Transition to a Socialist State) Complete an essay scaffold for this essay title from the November Paper 3: Evaluate the foreign policy of China’s government between and 9.

Single party state leaders – a comparison.

Mao in Power 1949 – 76

Mao's Consolidation of Power China's problems in Opposition to CCP still existed; China was very poower (low industrial production) Most industry taken by Japan; High Illiteracy; 29th September Mao holds "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" with 14 other parties; China had kicked out all the Western.

Successes and Failures of Mao’s Domestic Policies Between and Essay Sample.

His optimal goal was to turn China into a super power, a power as powerful or greater than The United States. The focus of this essay is to establish whether Mao achieved this goal with his domestic policies.

Inpeasants were encouraged to. Mao often used repression more than terror, for example in the three and five antis campaigns, which he arguably used as an excuse to.

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Maos consolidation of power between 1949 and 1953 essay
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