Gcse history jack the ripper coursework

Mary Ann Nichols was the first official Jack the Ripper victim, and we start by linking her life to the other East End victims. Setting the Stage for a Serial Killer As walk through the network of streets we point out Wilkes Street and Fournier Street, both still as they were in ; lined with houses with rooms that will have housed entire families.

Most Jack the Ripper tours have been running for over 25 years and hail a bygone time when there were very few facts, no information and we relied solely on hearsay and rumour.

Were these women to blame for the condition they found themselves in byor were they victims of the system? We again question students and encourage them to discuss the investigation and how it could have been carried out differently, such as photographing the scenes, evidence contamination and DNA profiling.

Its core was London. Our world-famous Ripper-Vision in action! The simulation also asks a series of factual questions as it progresses and gives them a score at the end. So, never refuse to read more about legendary Jack the Ripper.

Leave a comment for this blog post Name required Mail will not be published required Website. Why are there such discrepancies between the witness reports?

From here we then go to Thrawl Street, where Mary Nicholls was lodging at the time of her murder. The computer then analyses their responses to present them with a list of the most likely suspects based on their preferences. We use the latest technology to present the story of Victorian England and the Whitechapel murders.

We remain the ONLY Jack the Ripper tour company to follow and use this method, as well as geographic mapping techniques, created by leading experts, such as: Can we trust this evidence?

Jack the Ripper Coursework

What witnesses can be trusted? England was a really powerful country: Here, we ask the students to question what they have been told and think about the investigation as a whole. Well, here are more hints… Those horrible events took place in London.

Jack the Ripper Coursework?

We then move on and into the East End of London and begin with the first canonical victim. Throughout the tour your students are encouraged to ask questions, offer their own theories and are able to discuss details of the case with their guide. Was he an egomaniac? One of the hardest tasks for any teacher is to keep students studying Jack the Ripper, either at GCSE or A-Level, hooked and ensure they are learning at the same time.

Book your students on an unforgettable London experience today! Of course, we talk about Jack the Ripper! Why was Jack the Ripper able to avoid detection? Could the police have done more to catch the Killer?

In this part of the documentary, the top suspects are suggested and the video narrator offers his own view on who the murderer was. We discuss how reliable the sightings really were and ask the students to imagine how dark the streets will have been at night with the gas lamps on, and how this will have influenced the investigation.

Here we take your students back to by explaining the provenance of the shelter for homeless girls, and how they feared for their lives as they went about their general day to day lives. It may be much helpful for writing Jack the Ripper coursework. So, our hints can be just in time for you.

Martha is not included in the canonical five murders but she is included in the Whitechapel Murder File as a potential Jack the Ripper victim - and this is why we include her in our tour.

Briefly describe the general situation in the country at those times in your Jack the Ripper coursework. Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework?

How old was he? Students consider a detailed list of the measures that could have been taken and try to deduce which ones were simply not possible at the time; which ones were possible but which were vetoed by the Home Office and why; and which ones were actually taken but why they nevertheless failed.

The 1 for School, College and University Tours Walk with the Best Unlike most tours in London, our team consists of real historians, authors and experts on the case of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders, not to mention organising the official Jack the Ripper Crime Conference every year since www.

A consolidating lesson which looks at the social outcomes of the Ripper murders. The secret identity of the Jack the Ripper has remained a mystery, tucked away in the shadows of Victorian England for more than years.

Using witness reports from the crime scenes along with visual sources from "Penny Dreadfuls" at the time, students build up their own physical profile of the killer.Does anyone know the grade boundaries/ mark scheme for Jack the ripper (History- Edexcel) coursework for grades A or A*?

An experience your students will never forget. Our Jack the Ripper school tours are perfect for students studying for any level of history and criminology, from GCSE to A-Level’s and beyond; our guides can help your students with their studies.

Related GCSE History Projects essays. Jack the Ripper - Why was he never caught? Jack the Ripper History Coursework Jack The Ripper Coursework Criminals often got away with these crimes because of the lack of resources to catch them. Footprints and the shape of the head were the best Forensic science used at this point in time.

Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. Feb 23,  · STUCK ON HISTORY COURSEWORK (Jack the Ripper)?

Has anybody done the GCSE History Jack the Ripper coursework? Anyone willing to help me with my Jack the Ripper history coursework? Jack the ripper coursework? Why didnt the public like the police? More questions.

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Gcse history jack the ripper coursework
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