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Derek dreyer thesis, Nick Benton, Jan Hoffmann. This paper exploits the intuition relating events and time by drawing a Curry-Howard correspondence between a functional event-driven programming language and a linear-time temporal logic.

Derek dreyer thesis of concurrent data structures can also affect the progress of the execution of the client threads. We would hope that similar techniques can be used to prove progress properties as well.

Modular fine-grained concurrency verification. Oracle semantics for concurrent separation logic. The technical report with proofs is also available. After completing postdoctoral research with Reggia, Katz has begun his first year as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Syracuse University.

When asked about her plans for the next year, Redmiles said that she will be going on the academic job These advances have come about thanks to the development of more elaborate Kripke structures for representing invariants on local state.

Documents available Summary One of the major open problems confronting software developers today is how to cope with the complexity of reasoning about large-scale concurrent programs.

Accepted for publication at POPL Mtac tactics have access to all the features of ordinary Coq programming, as well as a new set of typed tactical primitives.

However, existing logics do not provide a way to exploit linearizability directly in client-side reasoning, and moreover the notion does not scale naturally to account for operations such as higher-order iterators whose behavior is not semantically atomic.

That is, each imperative object tracks not only the objects its own invariant depends on, but also all of the objects which depend upon it, in order to notify them when it changes.

Randall, and Yuli Zhou. Only recently have researchers begun to propose logics and models for higher-order concurrency [23, 21]. In this paper, we show how to formally specify and verify programs that use several common design patterns in concert.

Through the introduction and application of concepts such as deterministic transitive closure and property-directed reachability, the thesis demonstrates the feasibility of using a decidable logic EPR as an effective basis for answering reachability queries on an expressive class of imperative list-manipulating programs.

The non-linear part of the language is used for writing reactive stream-processing functions whilst the linear sublanguage naturally captures the generativity and usage constraints on the various linear objects in GUIs, such as the elements of a DOM or scene graph.

Finally, we define a type system for context-free expressions which permits left-recursive and non-left-factored expressions, and which elaborates them into equivalent into core terms.

An explicit rule deduces when a type is principal, leading to reliable substitution principles for a rich type system with significant type inference.

The proof for sparse vector is the first ever to be carried out in a machine-checkable form.

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Grappling with these kinds of limitations is essential if our verification technology is to be relevant to real-world programs running on modern architectures, and as such it poses exciting new research questions that we as a community are just beginning to explore.

Aquinas Hobor, Andrew W. Journal of the ACM, 58 6 The ultrametric structure enforces causality restrictions on reactive systems and allows well-founded recursive definitions by a generalization of guardedness.

The principles underlying a bidirectional approach to indexed types generalized algebraic datatypes are less clear. Verification of higher-order concurrent programs remains a largely open problem.

In this paper, we describe System Fown, an extension of System F with references and ownership. However, existing languages for automation via tactics either a provide no way to specify the behavior of tactics statically within the logic of the theorem prover or b rely on advanced type-theoretic machinery that is not easily integrated into established theorem provers.

It then considers an enriched logic and its connection to approximate couplings, which in turn are directly connected to differential privacy.

Recent work on Hoare type theory HTT [15] has shown how to integrate effects into dependent type theory by incorporating Hoare triples as a new primitive type, and prototypes of HTT have been implemented in Coq [7, 16], allowing for imperative programs to be verified mechanically as they are being written.Beta Ziliani, Derek Dreyer, Neelakantan R.

Krishnaswami, Aleksandar Nanevski and Viktor Vafeiadis Accepted by Journal of Functional Programming (JFP), April Functional Programming with Names and Necessity Aleksandar Nanevski PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, BibTeX @MISC{Dreyer02thesisproposal: author = {Derek Dreyer and Peter Lee}, title = {Thesis Proposal: Effective Type Theory for Modularity}, year = {}}.

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Derek Nitch, for providing insight into the workings of SuperNEC and iterative techniques in general. Talk - Derek Dreyer - Max Planck Institute for Software Systems.

Talk. to News and Events. Recent News & Accomplishments Rand's thesis explores the intersection of programming languages, formal verification and quantum computing.

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Together with Jennifer Paykin, he was a lead developer of QWIRE, a. Department of Computer Science Master’s Thesis Non-Parametric Parametricity submitted by Georg Neis on July 1, Supervisor Prof.

Dr. Peter Druschel Advisors Dr. Derek Dreyer Dr. Andreas Rossberg Reviewers Prof. Dr. Peter Druschel Dr.

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Derek Dreyer. Eidesstattliche Erkl¨arung.

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