Cng crisis

The Punjab government ordered rickshaw drivers to convert from petrol to CNG, subsequently banning those who failed to comply from plying on major roads of the provincial capital. Just like autos, tempos also move on CNG. Shortly after fare hike, the CNG rates increased by about Rs 2.

The CNG crisis

He maintained that since the portion of the notification of the three-day a week shutdown was still intact, SNGPL officials asked the CNG stations to implement the load management schedule.

The committee adopted this view as its own, condemned the government for this anomaly, and recommended imposing equal tax on all sectors, providing maximum relief to the consumer, while keeping prices at the current level.

It is a good idea to make separate CNG stations for public transport and private vehicles to reduce mad rush and long queues at CNG stations.

Natural Gas

He said the CNG stations owners forcibly resisted SNGPL staff and obstructed them from performing their duty of implementing the load management schedule.

On Wednesday morning, she had to wait for 30 minutes to get an auto. An injudicious decision during his tenure was to allow thermal power plants to run on gas. As a result, they have to incur losses.

CNG crisis

Meanwhile, the auto-rickshaw association is planning to put forward a demand before transport commissioner to increase the fare up to Rs 8. Apart from busy routes, the problem persists during peak hours and mostly affecting the office-goers and students. However, he said the CNG station owners have misinterpreted the court order believing that the notification issued in Augustenforcing three days of gas loadshedding for CNG stations in Islamabad, had been stayed.

Pakistan has more need to use the gas, than Iran has to sell it, but there has been faster work done on the Iranian side than the Pakistani. After transition to democracy inthere should have been a ban on the use of gas by big cars whose well to do owners could very well pay the petrol price.

Pratigya Pandey, a student, travels by an auto from Charbagh to Sikandrabagh crossing daily. This was in accordance with its policy of burdening the common man with indirect taxes while exempting agricultural incomes and those from real estate transactions for political convenience.

On Monday, almost after a month, the CNG stations across the country went on an unannounced strike on different pretexts for an indefinite period. Dixit said, "After much persistence, when the State Transport Authority agreed to increase auto fares after 8 long years, it increased fares only by 45 paise.

He said that the residents of Islamabad have been protesting against the shortage of gas supply, asking the court to vacate its stay order.

This problem has been continuing for a month now," Pratigya said. When we make any objection, they start arguing. As a consequence of inability of SNGPL to implement load management schedule, the residents of Islamabad are being deprived of the supply of gas and are experiencing low pressure, he added.

Gas crisis: Load management plan misinterpreted: SNGPL

The counsel requested the IHC to vacate the stay order and resume the three-day gas loadshedding plan for CNG stations. This would mean that, at one stroke, vehicles Cng crisis has made the conversion to CNG, will return to consuming petrol or diesel, with the horrendous consequences of a return of the smog that had begun bedeviling the entire country, and which the conversion to CNG made disappear.53 rows · CNG, compressed natural gas, is it the answer for the fuel crisis, better than bio fuel.

As motorists, both private and public, neared the end of the second week of the CNG strike, the pump owners’ representative, the All-Pakistan CNG Dealers. Forget veggie oil, bio-diesel, power programmers and hydrogen water separators.

And hear the gospel of CNG/diesel. The beauty of this system is if I can't find a Compressed Natural Gas fill up. Pakistan has spent percent (or $ billion) The shrinking disparity between the petrol and CNG prices coupled with greater reliance on The reasons for present crisis in gas sector have both technical & governance aspects.

These issues have. A crisis has thus has been created with hundreds of passengers in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Rawalpindi gathering at the bus stops as bus services remain suspended due to CNG shortage. Gas crisis: Load management plan misinterpreted: SNGPL stations due to the deepening gas crisis.

However, he said the CNG station owners have misinterpreted the court order believing that the.

Cng crisis
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