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Therefore, most street artists, including Banksy, use pseudonyms to avoid legal prosecution for vandalism. Graffiti that takes a great deal of time and has lots of color graffiti would be considered art. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, A fourth criterion is that the public response to graffiti art indicates that it is art.

Is Graffiti art or vandalism Essay

That is how some people might communicate to let their voices be heard, while other think it is vandalism. They think it is related with gangs which can lead to bigger crime.

However, it should be noted that tagging appeared in Philadelphia before New York. The mastery of graffiti has become Art vandalism essay part of subculture with its raw and defiant nature presented within the streets and the media that its legitimacy as a form of art is starting to finally be recognized by the public.

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism

Graffiti art is not seen on many well built communities. Graffiti is the plural form of the Italian word grafficar. Graffiti is been one of the largest art trends to last. In fact, the tag or individual mark is not produced for artistic purposes.

This recognition of graffiti art by the art world is important for two reasons. Grafficar also signifies "to scratch" in reference to different wall writings ranging from "cave paintings", bathroom scribbles, or any message that is scratched on walls.

A piece which might be sixty feet long, twelve feet high, and take twenty to thirty cans of paint and at least eight hours to produce might be gone in a matter of minutes.

Graffiti is also a form of self expression. The answer may vary across people, but I would claim that those markings are art in the form of graffiti. And the exhortation that graffiti should be on a visible private or public space in order to be in its optimal context is not so much to glorify any illegalities but rather, to highlight the idea that graffiti is meant to be completely accessible to the public for immediate appreciation.

On the contrary, style and artistic talent were and continue to be extremely important. To be a "King" or "Queen" one could not just get-up or simply paint his or her name in a thousand different places.

As such, it can be called vandalism, but again, this does not disqualify it as art. One can only imagine how shocking and surprising it might have been to see a colorful train moving swiftly through the dingy stations and drab boroughs of New York City. If it is a meral and it points out a message then it is considered art.

The location of it on a wall or subway without permission only makes it unsolicited art. For it appears suddenly and in unexpected places.

Living Life Essay The owner has the right to their own property to make it look clean, but if someone is tagging on it then it is stealing the property owners right to keep their yard clean and nice. In addition, producing graffiti art with a crew builds team work in that the crew works together for the accomplishment of a common goal.

People do not like things they do not understand. To show this, I provide a historical context of graffiti, and then I provide persuasive evidence that graffiti art is art.

In addition, graffiti art is not a spontaneous activity like tagging in the form of fancy scribble. Furthermore, cities such as LA and Chicago have recognized the talent of graffitists by providing a means for them to do legal graffiti art which has helped to foster the art form and lessened the amount of graffiti art that appears in the city as vandalism.

So everytime they see graffiti on a wall, broken windows they associated it with gangs and crime. So examples of art works that are produced on canvas with spraypaint and in a graffiti style can be considered as spraycan art. The evaluative concerns actually play more into where, when, and how graffiti art should be displayed.Graffiti Is Vandalism and Not an Art Essay Graffiti Is Vandalism and not an Art Name Professor Institution Course Date Graffiti is Vandalism and Not an Art Graffiti is a quite new and growing form of expression that brings various controversies due to its connection of illegality.

Free Essay: Graffiti: Art or Vandalism? Graffiti is a true art with different meanings that involves many styles and risks that can damage artists physically. Read more: Essay About Vandalism These professional vandals may be groups of people who may be involved in street crimes and mischief.

It is possible that these people may not be enrolled in any schooling or university program. Graffiti Art: An Essay Concerning The Recognition of Some Forms of Graffiti As Art.

George C. Stowers [email protected] Prof.

Graffiti Art: An Essay Concerning The Recognition of Some Forms of Graffiti As Art

Goldman Phil Aesthetics Would Picasso or Monet's markings be graffiti or art or vandalism or graffiti art? The answer may vary across people, but I would claim that those markings are art in the.

I am intending on exploring whether graffiti is art or vandalism. By exploring this research topic I will be breaking it down into different.

Art: the ultimate form of self expression. But, what constitutes an art? And, who decides? These very questions plague society as it tries to decide and define the official status of graffiti--art or vandalism? Because it has found its way into art galleries and because of the community of artists.

Art vandalism essay
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