Animagus fury re write asian

This object acts as an anchor keeping a person in this world even if the body has died. Minerva is the Roman name of Athena, a Greek goddess, who stood for courage, justice and strategy. Interestingly, when her brother Malcolm arrived at Hogwarts some years later, he would join the Gryffindor line-up alongside James Potter, who, contrary to popular belief, was a Chaser in the team, and not a Seeker like his son.

The goblin gave the witch and wizard a very toothy grin. As Harry landed on the fifth floor landing he could hear commotion of someone screaming, "Get lost, you crazy ghost! People will only try to control Harry more.

The man sat in one of the recliners, waiting for the argument to begin. He was a rather good brewer but only because he practiced in the chamber of secrets when ever he had the chance to do so.

190: The Animagus Predator – Prologue

Minerva who, was behind him, looked absolutely livid, and before Albus could ask her anything Lord Potter started in on him again. She knew he thought that she was a bitch, but would he honestly believe she would enjoy watching someone getting raped. She collided with the wall.

I doubt I will post regulary though: He quickly blended in with the darkness and watched them walk by. It was looking at him almost pleading with him to take its outstretched leg. Ravenclaw Boys dorm Harry was just brushing his teeth when he felt the temperature drop around him.


They damn near stole the innocence of a young woman, and that, sir, in my book is a crime of the highest caliber. The man withdrew his wand and gestured for his wife to take the child upstairs. Clyde noticed the Potter seal on the back.

I suspect Dumbledore will try to test you. She quickly warded it the best she could. Just before he heard the figure hiss those two deadly words, he shouted. Harry needs to grow up away from the magical world. She picked him up and kissed his forehead.

She had shoulder length blonde hair and sparking blue eyes. Even sadder, this is possibly the least-egregious error in the fic. What could have angered such a peaceful bird? He made sure not to skip any steps and to read each step a few times before he continued. You will just have to wait and see to what I have cooked up for him.

The prologue is possibly the dullest part of the fic, although it does contain a number of glaring contradictions to the established canon of the series. There is a complete, and often completely tragic, backstory behind the Head of Gryffindor House. The Dark Lord you defeated all those years ago still lives.

How different would his life had been. He then removed all their wands and snapped them.Apr 03,  · I've written it before and I'll write it again: that sequence of chapters was the absolute high point of the series for me. It will be worth the prices of admission for all of the films if I walk out thinking the same for the film version.

Mar 16,  · The Animagus Predator – Prologue Posted: March 16, which I named The Animagus Predator.

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It took me a while to write out the rough version I had jotted down during school but now I am planning on posting the story. I doubt I will post regulary though re-reads fic summary: This occurs after the war. Dobby dies before the.

Even during the events of the Harry Potter series, McGonagall was facing her own personal We’ve all seen McGonagall in her Animagus form, a Greek goddess, who stood for courage, justice and strategy. Not only are these traits of McGonagall’s, they’re also characteristics she shares with Hogwarts founder Godric Gryffindor, whose.

Animagus; Animagus Bestiality; Rape/Non-con Elements; Implied Mpreg; Mpreg; Knotting; Abuse; Anal Sex; Oral Sex; Violence; Rimming; Mating Cycles/In Heat; Female Harry Potter; Sex Change; Emotional Manipulation; Summary.

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Summary. Draco shifted uncomfortably. “You’re not entirely unbearable as a wolf.” No, Harry is not Nordic in this fic, his Animagus form is. It’s an ancient, monstrous creature from Norse mythology. A terrible cross between human and horse, it is said to wilt crops and spread diseases.

Animagus fury re write asian
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