A summary on softball

He marked a field in a lot next to the fire station.

The size of the bat and ball as well as the exact rules changed as much as the name. The fastpitch game has caught the most attention internationally.

The Association brought rules that became standardized and were needed to the game. A fan from Harvard hit the glove away with a broom handle. A fastpitch softball pitcher can send the ball to the plate at speeds equal to those of major league baseball pitchers.

A game of indoor baseball commenced as a result. A inch ball is the standard with a lot of youth leagues. Softball was started by elements of other sports of which were boating, boxing and football.

The host team won the five —team competition.

A Summary of Softball in the US

Men and women of every age participated in the sport. This tournament was what propelled softball onto the world stage. Softball was first introduced on Thanksgiving Day in at a Harvard-Yale football game.

History of Softball

Sincethe International Softball Federation has governed worldwide softball competition. He even painted permanent foul lines on the floor of Boat Club. It was known as a different game popular names were cabbage ball, mush ball, or pumpkin ball, depending on the area in which it was being played.

The association set rules for different age groups because it feels that softball is a game for all ages. During the next seven years, it was estimated that more than five million people played softball. Contests between different firehouses began to draw as many as 3, spectators. Ina team of men who called themselves the Kids and Kubs traveled around the country playing softball.

Bya winter league was formed. Scroll a little lower for the rest of the article Connect with us It was meant to be a way for baseball players to keep in practice during the winter.

Teams, leagues and tournaments started to pop up in tons of U. He did a small baseball diamond with chalk inside the boat club and the game was underway. The game that started in Chicago and Milwaukee became very popular and spread through the upper Midwest and Canada.

A man from Yale playfully threw a boxing glove at the Harvard grads after the game was done and bets were paid. He needed something to keep his Minneapolis firemen busy while waiting for fire calls.

The game lasted an hour and ended with a score of The Olympics also marked a key era in the introduction of technology in softball; the IOC funded a landmark biomechanical study on pitching during the games.

A fireman, Lewis Rober, played a very big role in developing the game. Sincesoftball world championship tournaments have been played every four years. The game had many different names. There were softball gloves for fastpitchslowpitch and many variations of sizes and netting.

The smaller field and softer ball used in the game of softball made meant more offense and action in the field than baseball.

The size of the field varies with age and between the fastpitch and slowpitch games. Also as a result of the success of the tournament, the Amateur Softball Association was founded in the fall of Softball Rules Simplified HISTORY Softball was created by George Hancock in Chicago in The game originated as an indoor variation of baseball and was eventually converted to an outdoor game.

The popularity of softball has grown considerably, both at the recreational and competitive levels. Immediately download the Softball summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Softball.

A Summary of Softball in the US. Softball is a popular sport that is played all over the US with enthusiasm. This sport is a variant of the game of baseball. However, it is played on relatively smaller field and with larger ball.

The invention of this game happened in Chicago at Initially, it was played as an indoor game. - Softball is a sport that is known throughout the United States and the world.

Softball originated on Thanksgiving Day in Chicago in The game was actually said to have begun as an indoor game.

Softball was started by a group of men who had gathered at a club to watch the Harvard vs. Yale football game. Feb 27,  · Understand the difference between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball.

There are two types of softball competition, with slight differences between them. Both follow the same general rules. Slow-pitch is typically coed, and, as the name suggests, the ball is pitched by lobbing it in a high, slow arc toward home plate%(38). Softball could be considered one of America’s greatest sports, and in today’s world not only for females, but it is one of the most popular female sports in America.

My high schools softball coach always argued that hitting a softball is the hardest thing to accomplish among any sport. I never agreed; I always debated that stopping a hockey .

A summary on softball
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